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    Gifts Under 50

    Common Deer Bernie Mug - $2 to ACLU $45.00
    Filson Oil Finish Wax $10.00
    Farmhouse Pottery Stone Match Striker & Matches $42.00
    Farmhouse Pottery Small Trunk Garden Pot $45.00
    Farmhouse Pottery Small Stoneware Silo Pitcher $45.00
    Farmhouse Pottery Beehive Crock From $46.00
    Hawk and Hatchet Christmas Tin Candle $26.00
    Fury Bros. Paint Can Candle $30.00
    Little Barn Apothecary Jasmine and Ocean Water Hair Texturizer $20.00
    Ashari Woodworks Reclaimed Wood Picture Frame From $34.00
    Shepherd's Flock Sheepskin Beercan Koozie $12.50
    Broderpress French Bulldog Pillow $30.00
    Common Deer Common Deer Gift Card From $25.00
    Izola Get Lost Pint Glass $12.00
    RV Metal Shop Bear Beer Bottle Opener $15.00
    Woodchuck VT State Wooden Journal $42.00
    Woodchuck Cedar Hexagon Coaster Set $30.00
    W & P DESIGN Barrel Aged Spirits Kit $20.00
    Darn Tough Vermont Women's RFL Ultra Light Ski Socks $24.00
    Darn Tough Vermont Women's Solid Knee-High Socks $22.00
    Darn Tough Vermont RFL Men's Ultralight Ski Socks $24.00
    Beehive Handmade Fan Mail Letteropener $42.00
    Beehive Handmade Handmade Heart Spice Spoon Set $34.00
    Beehive Handmade Key Bottle Opener $22.00
    Upstate Stock Wool Watchcap $29.00
    Ranger Station Supply Co. Hand Poured Rocks Glass Candle $36.00
    American Trench Cotton Nautical Stripe Men's Socks $29.50
    Misc Goods Co. Playing Cards $15.00
    Little Korboose Hand Drawn Organic Cotton Tea Towel $21.00
    Hudson Made Worker's Scrub Soap $16.50