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    Up for Grabs

    Alexandra Fergeson Vermont Area Code 802 Pillow $74.00
    Common Deer Bernie Mug - $2 to ACLU $45.00
    Gitli Goods Go West Dog Collar $62.00
    Fritz & Fraulein Small Leather Zip Clutch $68.00
    Fritz & Fraulein WoolMilitary Blanket Pillow $78.00
    Giles & Brother Black Skinny Railroad Spike Cuff $80.00
    Filson Filson Small Duffle Bag $350.00
    Filson Oil Finish Wax $10.00
    Filson Filson Medium Duffle $395.00
    Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser $385.00
    Filson Filson Log Carrier $95.00
    Filson Filson Day Pack $120.00
    Filson Filson Card Case $95.00
    Filson Leather Bi-Fold Wallet $125.00
    Farmhouse Pottery Wood Candle Cloche $85.00
    Farmhouse Pottery Stone Match Striker & Matches $42.00
    Farmhouse Pottery Small Trunk Garden Pot $45.00
    Farmhouse Pottery Small Stoneware Silo Pitcher $45.00
    Farmhouse Pottery Stone Candle Cloche $85.00
    Farmhouse Pottery Wheel Thrown Cheese Stone From $75.00
    Farmhouse Pottery Beehive Crock From $46.00
    Woolrich Malone Plaid Wool Blanket $139.00
    Faribault Woolen Mills Faribault Hatchet Plaid Throw Blanket in Olive $190.00
    Faribault Woolen Mills Wool Buffalo Check Throw $90.00
    Faribault Woolen Mills Royal Carefree Wool Throw Blanket From $140.00
    Faribault Woolen Mills Faribault X Izola Scout Wool Throw $180.00
    Imogene and Willie Imogene Slim Indigo Rinse Women's Jeans $195.00
    Johnson Woolen Mills Grey Herringbone Wool Vest $160.00
    Johnson Woolen Mills Jac Shirt in Adirondack Plaid $220.00
    Johnson Woolen Mills Cruiser Wool Jacket in Green and Black Stag $260.00
    Taylor Stitch The Myles Everyday Men's Short $58.00
    Taylor Stitch The Jane Sun Bleached Denim Dress $128.00
    Taylor Stitch The Jack Everyday Oxford Shirt $98.00
    Faribault Woolen Mills 1920s Buffalo Check Throw From $140.00