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    Thank you to all those that applied for the Retail Manager position. We have filled the position. Due to the overwhelming response on various platforms, we may not have been able to respond directly to every applicant. We appreciate your interest and will hold on to your resume for future store hires.  

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    On a rolling basis, we hire for the following:

    - Marketing and Social Media

    - Writing/Editing

    - Graphic Design

    - Photography

    - Design your Own: We're a growing start-up and can most likely accommodate your goals/interests.

    We think cover letters can get a bit verbose. So to apply for our internships/course projects, send us the grit, hold the fluff.  Here's a short and sweet example: 

    Hey Common Deer, 
    Ben here. 
    What I want: photography and social media combined internship. 10 hours per week. 
    What I've done: Marketing Intern, Really Cool Agency, 6 months; photographer for 3 years
    Guess the lie:  I have a dog named Albert Einstein, won a yodeling comp, and moved ten times before I was 15.
    Check my photos at @rockstarintern
    Resume is attached. Call me at 802.000.0001.
    Signing off, 


    Match Ben's style or adopt your own, but be sure to include what you're interested in, # of hours you can commit to, your most relevant work experience(s) (role, company, and length of time), and 2 truths and a lie (this is pretty important - don't forget it). Attach your resume. Humor and use of puns are strongly encouraged. Complete sentences are not necessary. Spelling is. If applying for a creative internship, include some proof of your skills with a link to your portfolio or instagram account (we do not give a damn how many followers you do or do not have). If a writing internship is what you seek, include a writing sample with a sassy tone on something random. And while you're at it, throw a confident subject line on that email - "I'm a unicorn" "you want me" "believe me, I'm the best" - you get the idea. Send all applications to sarah(a) 


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    Interested in joining a select team of freelance photographers and photo stylists?

    Our Photographers range in both skill level and focus, from hobbyists to professionals to students. There is no set time commitment, but we do ask for regular photo contributions in order to continue access to photo team perks. So…what are the perks?

    • Special discount at Common Deer and
    • Access to inventory on loan for personal photoshoots
    • Access to vintage photo prop closet on loan
    • Professional growth through crediting, exposure, and portfolio development
    • For certain photo requests, trades and compensation will be available

    As we grow and get to the next step, so will our photography budget. Since we were approached by so many photographers, we developed this program in order to give those looking for more experience or exposure, the structure to do so. When our photography budget does allow for paid shoots, those that have been working with us will be right where they need to be! Shoot an email to to express interest with a link to you work.

    We can't wait to work with you!