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    \  THE STORY  /
    Common Deer was founded on the idea that
    everything is better with a bit of character.
    Whether it's a salvaged leather strap,
    a fancy trinket from another era,
    or simply the reason why a craftsman got started.
    Quality goods tell a story.
    We're obsessed with the narrative behind all of our products -
    who made it, how it was made, where it was made, and why.
    Focusing on American Made and small batch manufacturing,
    Common Deer showcases craftsmen and companies who are chock full of character and are driving our country forward.
    Buy what matters. Buy what lasts.
    American Made.
    \  THE PEOPLE  /
    With Sharon at the helm, the Beal family is on an adventure.
    With over 40 years in the business world, Sharon decided it was finally time to make an impact while pursuing her passion for décor and fine things.
    With an eye for design and a passion for supporting small business – Sharon is obsessed with “the story” behind each product and “putting it all together.”
    John, Sarah, and Johnny all provide support in managing aspects of the business, including the hunt for cool things with character.
    \   IT'S ALL IN THE NAME  /
    No one ever said that naming a business is an easy feat.
    Landing on "Common Deer" was a complete accident. There's a few common questions about our name...
    Yes, it's a play on the word "Commandeer" (don't worry we won't steal your ship, unless it's a really ridiculously nice one)
    Yes, we love explaining our name by throwing up a pair of hand antlers. do it you'll enjoy it.
    Yes, it refers to everyone living with a "common" good in mind.
    To Common Deer - the act of fully embracing the
    story behind each purchase and gift.